Who We Are

Hope Haney

Executive Director

I’ve been known to say, “Mental illness is my life’s work”. That’s not exactly accurate. EDUCATING people about mental illness is my life’s work. SUPPORTING people through mental illness like others have supported me…THAT’S my life’s work.

Michael Nyers

Assistant Director

I’ve been doing advertising and marketing my whole career and want to add my skills to help fulfill NAMI Mahoning Valley’s mission to provide mental health support, advocacy and education to the people of the Mahoning Valley.

Carrie Baun

Administrative Assistant

I do my work at NAMI Mahoning Valley so people with severe mental illness can have a voice and be heard.

Ruba Alhamid

Community Development Director

“After working in the IT field for the last few years and dealing with my own mental illnesses, I was finally able to reach out for the support that I needed since stigma kept me from doing so for so long. Choosing to get support for my mental health was one of the best things I have done in my life. On my mental health journey I discovered an awareness for my sense of empathy and compassion for others and decided to dedicate myself to the mental health field as a counseling student and volunteer. It has become my purpose and passion.”

Nancy McCurdy Montagna

Community Education Director/ Fundraising Coordinator

“I truly believe that individuals with mental illness can and do recover. NAMI Mahoning Valley exemplifies this and treats people who may be shunned by society with respect and dignity. That means the world to me and I feel it is an honor to be part of this team. NAMI Mahoning Valley helps people with their overall wellness. This position also gives me the opportunity to educate the public and inspire others with my own personal story “From Strait-Jacket to Sound Mind””

John Costianes

Adult Care Facility Liaison

“NAMI has become a necessary voice on mental illness. As a consumer I have experienced the positive growth from support and education that NAMI offers for both consumers and family members. Today I want to give back to the community by making a positive impact for those that need a voice. I look forward to collaborating with our local group homes to identify ways to improve services and quality of care.”

Ginger Wilczak

Executive Assistant

“I’ve had many ups and downs with my bipolar disorder, but I have a loving family who has stood by me through all my struggles. I am grateful for their support.

I have a Master’s degree in Child Development and Family Studies and a 20 year career in the social services field working with at risk families. My experience and knowledge will be useful in my role as Executive Assistant.

Despite my experience and success, I struggled with my mental illness. But with a proper diagnosis, medication and therapy, I am feeling as close to normal as I imagine normal could be

I refuse to allow all that I have gone through to be for nothing. I am proud to be working with NAMI and hope to do my part in making a difference in the lives of people affected by mental illness.”